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JT Pottery is a third generation pottery and can trace its roots to Greenwich Village NY. At this time the pottery consists of the husband and wife team –Jeff and Maggie. JT Pottery participates is approximately 10-20 arts and crafts fairs annually.

We work on our farm located in southern middle TN. JT Pottery has been located here since 1978. Our clay body is uniquely our own and is mixed by us. We use no molds and create each piece entirely by hand using our red stoneware. After mixing and de-airing, each piece is hand thrown on the potters wheel and then each piece is hand sculpted directly on the vessel. We also do a small amount of slab work, and these pieces are hand-designed or hand sculpted on as well.

All our glazes were created by JT Pottery and are hand mixed, we do not use any commercial glazes. All our ware is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, as well as being all food and drink safe. Our prices range from $1.00 up to about $400.00.

Maggie has been ‘potting” since 1979. She learned from her mother, who in turn had learned from her father. Jeff started during the early part of this decade. 

At JT Pottery we believe a piece of pottery should be beautiful as well as functional so each piece of art may be used and enjoyed for generations to come.


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